Me to You

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Carol and I live in a wine growing region in the south of Western Australia.  It is a beautiful location and the lifestyle is relaxed and peaceful. Here I have more time for me; I am transitioning into retirement.

More time for me is something we all aspire to have one day and for me that one day is now. It has been an interesting transition; it has taken some adjusting to the different perspective of time and how to use that time. It has been difficult to walk away from the constant lure and beckoning of the computer screen and that potential new project and spend time doing other things, finding other things to do with my time.   

Broadly speaking Me Time means I can read (and read and read to my heart’s content), cook (not just the sustenance foods of the everyday meal but slow cooking, cooking for pleasure, cooking to explore ingredients, cooking to take advantage of our bountiful fresh home grown produce; making pasta sauces, pesto, beetroot chocolate cakes, curries….whatever takes my fancy) and of course drinking wine – so many to choose from. It is time to explore and discover some of the many great local wineries in this region and later to pack up that caravan we are going to buy and visit some of the wine growing regions of the Eastern States.  Bob the Dog will love these adventures, he already has acclimatised to camping and loves the adventure (and the beaches, and the walks and sleeping on our bed). 🙂 

So bon appétit, cheers and let’s get reading! I look forward to sharing more of life’s little pleasures with you soon. 

6 thoughts on “Me to You

  1. Congrats on starting your blogging journey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I really look forward to following your future posts. Reading, food and wine sounds fabulous!

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