Is this How it Works? Life?

I have noticed that since the time I openly and publicly declared that I was heading into early retirement, that I had lots of time and not too much to do, that I was happily learning and practicing the art of doing not too much, ( well maybe I was getting a little bored I have been practicing the art of doing nothing for most of the past 4 years and getting quite good at it )  Since this declaration I have been inundated with …stuff to do.

I have had paid production accounting and consulting work.  I have found NetGalley, Good Reads and The Reading Room and have access to so many ebooks I will never be bored again. ( Though there is a cost, I have to review these books, and that takes time, slows me down) We sold the car and soon will be caravan hunting which leads to….holidays 🙂

I have been cooking and cooking – Kasundi, relishes, pasta sauces, freezing excess fresh produce, chocolate beetroot cakes….helping daughter and son in law move house, dog sitting coming up soon……and the documentary I have been workings on, researching for the past couple of years in finally in production!

Is that how the universe works?  Put ‘it” out there and you get a surprising response?

If so I would loudly like to proclaim that I am broke (not emotionally just financially, my disposable income is…disposed of). There. Done. I don’t mind working for the money ( well as long as I am not working full time that is), or gifts, or Lottery wins…..$$$$ is $$$$$$. Universe can you hear me?

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