Reflections – The Importance of Self Love

Lately I have been thinking  a lot about relationships, the construct of “family” and how we find our place in the world. It is not easy. We don’t get a manual on how to live a good and full life, we have to try things out for ourselves – and hopefully along the way we do no damage and we learn and grow.

I suppose we have our peers to set examples- but often they are just trying to figure it out  for themselves. A good place to start developing into the adults we want to become is to practice the art of self love – and it is an art, something to practice and practice till it flows easily for without it we are stunted emotionally, we are unable to give freely of ourselves and our ability to love another is restricted. I think self happiness and selfishness are under rated, often these qualities are attached to negative images. Why?

I wish I knew. Why do we need quotes or references such as the one above to remind us to care for ourselves?  Is it because as children we were constantly reminded to share and not be selfish? To think of others before our selves? To put our needs last.  Is it because a lot of us baby boomers have parents who lived through a depression or war and experienced frugality, hardship and rations?  Sharing was necessary. Selflessness was expected as there were others worse off than you? Be grateful.

We need to make changes.

I am not suggesting that we become hedonistic creatures of  exaggerated self importance  but merely that we need balance in our life. The more we are happy with our own existence the more we can share with others, the more love we will attract – love begets love. In essence, you, your family, the community will be better for the sharing of love that starts at home – within yourself.

Give yourself a mental hug today.  You are worth it. You are great!

Tell someone you love, you love them.  Love you babe. Love you both my darling girls.


Feels better already doesn’t it?

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