Twenty Four Hours in My Life

The past twenty four hours  have been hectic, chaotic and frustrating. And that’s just the start of it. 🙂

I have:

  • Written one book review. 🙂
  • Had many Skype conversations/meetings – work related  with the USA, UK, and Canada and consequently worked till midnight to accommodate all the time zones. 
  • I needed and had 2 glasses of red wine in between dinner and more calls and then at midnight – 2 small glasses of Lemon and Ginger Port. Ahhhhh.
  • I slept for 8 hours then started again.
  • I have sat by my phone waiting for a call that was supposed to happen immediately – 5 hours ago.
  • I have finished the final stage in the pickling process of making olives.
  • I have answered at least 30 emails.
  • I have made lunch – albeit just cheese on toast!
  • I am awaiting another call/email regarding filming protocols in Parliament.
  • I have sent money overseas – an achievement in itself these days.
  • I have hugged my dog.
  • I have been impatient with my husband ( sorry – you know I dont do tired very well. I’ll try and be more patient in future).

How has your day been?

4 thoughts on “Twenty Four Hours in My Life

  1. I have been sitting in the same chair staring at the same computer screen since 8am – neither exciting nor fulfilling.
    I did, however, order a hoola hoop – a large, weighted one that is meant to be good low impact exercise. Yes, that has been the higlight of my working day.

    You’ve definitely been busy but its good to see that there is a lot of variety in your day!

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