Day One of the Green Juice Challenge

Today being the 1st of May is the start of the Seven Day Green Juice Challenge – a challenge I have wholeheartedly embraced; drinking one glass of fresh green juice a day for seven days. I will have my juice at lunch time. I expect by the end of the seven days I will extend the juice drinking to a full juice fast – I have carried this out in the past and felt many benefits .


I think the first thing I need to do is take a trip to our local growers Market on the weekend –  whilst we have plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables growing in our garden at the moment , the apples and pears I bought at the supermarket are woeful – soft and insipid, and there were no lemons to be found.  A supermarket with out lemons – that is unheard of! ( Our lemon tree is just about to start being productive and we plan to plant some fruit trees this year) It will be good when we don’t have to rely on the supermarket for our fruit and vegetables.

So raise your glass and sit down somewhere comfy and read a good book –  I have just a few waiting to be read courtesy of the publishers and The Reading Room

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