Geraldton WA – Sun City

Today we had a leisurely stroll around the redeveloped port area/foreshore of Geraldton WA.

Here we had a coffee, enjoyed a stroll and of course had plenty of opportunities to take more photos  –  it is a good job Bob loves the camera.


Later we visited HMAS Sydney Memorial which also provided great views across the city.


Holidays/travelling is great!

Post Script: Unhallowed Ground- Gillian White

Unhallowed Ground

Gillian White

Open Road Integrated Media

ISBN: 9781480402218


Widowed London social worker Georgina “Georgie” Jefferson battles guilt and public disgrace when one of her charges, abused five-year-old Angela Hopkins, is beaten to death. She retreats to Furze Pen, an isolated Devon cottage that once belonged to Stephen, the deceased brother she never knew. In this refuge, she hopes to learn something about Stephen. But the hostility of her neighbours and a series of chilling incidents—including the disappearance of her dog and a stranger lurking around the cottage at night—disturb Georgie’s desperate search for peace. As winter closes in, Georgie must discover who or what threatens her most . . . the tragedies of her past or a new danger from her tormented present.

Once again, master of suspense Gillian White depicts the dreadful, dependent relationship that can sprout between love and violence.

My View:

My initial reaction to this book was one of despair – I despaired of the unsympathetic protagonist, Georgie. I could not stand the pages of wallowing self pity. I almost put the book down – however as I have read several of Gillian White’s previous books, books I enjoyed reading, I persevered.  I was rewarded with a story that from a slow burn ignited a pressure pot of fear, desperation and substance. I did warm to Georgie as she dwelt less on her past and we learned more about her current situation. White is a great observer of people and their idiosyncrasies. She created a tension so real I could feel it- in my shoulders and my neck, a tension akin to mood set by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.   This book will not date. It sits as well today as when it was first published in 1999.

Little Bay – Fishing, Fishing and More Fishing

But we didnt catch any fish today – but with scenery like this it didn’t matter!

Today we went 4wdriving to Little Bay – a few kilometres of sand hills to reach the most amazing tranquil waters – picture perfect.  We checked out the terrain and decided, yes it was worth grabbing the fishing gear and coming back to after lunch.


So after a late lunch we headed back – the waters were calm and enticing. It was just glorious sitting on the beach.  Bob enjoyed it to – he decided that the bait was yummy and couldn’t work out why we were casting it into the ocean! 🙂 We stayed most of the afternoon through to early evening, watching the sunset on the beach- spectacular!


Fresh Fish For Lunch

Yesterday we went fishing where the Bowes River meets the ocean. This really is a  spectacular coast line. We enjoyed the fishing  and despite the water being a little choppy we caught a fish each with our first casts.

Bob enjoyed the waves, having a paddle in the ocean and a run along the beach. It was fantastic to have this great expanse of beach to ourselves.


We had fresh fish for lunch!


Picnic at Port Dennison

After a chilly night at Dandaragan we set off at a leisurely pace for Horrocks Beach  via a picnic lunch atPort Dennison – the sun was shining, the skies a glorious blue…this is the life! After lunch we headed to our final destination – Horrocks Beach, a wonderful location right by the sea and a dog friendly caravan site. More pictures tomorrow. It is wine o’clock. ( Merrops Shiraz 2009)