Post Script: In Love- Alfred Hayes

Now for something really different – sublime writing!

Alfred Hayes

New York Review of Books

NYRB Classics

ISBN: 9781590176665



New York in the 1950s. A man on a barstool is telling a story about a woman he met in a bar, early married and soon divorced, her child farmed out to her parents, good-looking, if a little past her prime. They’d gone out, they’d grown close, but as far as he was concerned it didn’t add up to much. He was a busy man. Then one day, out dancing, she runs into a rich awkward lovelorn businessman. He’ll pay for her to be his, pay her a lot. And now the narrator discovers that he is as much in love with her as she is with him, perhaps more, though it will take him a while to realize just how utterly lost he is.

Executed with the cool smoky brilliance of a classic Miles Davis track, In Love is an unequaled exploration of the tethered—and untethered—heart.

My View:

It took me a little while to get used to the rhythm and understand the quiet voice of this novel – but it was well worth spending a little time, enjoying the conversation, getting to know the characters and recognizing a little of myself in some of the attitudes and emotions.

Love is love no matter where you are from or who you are, or how old you are, we all want to be cherished, loved and in love.  This novel explores the meaning of love and loss. It speaks to all.

I really enjoyed this beautifully written classic tale of boy meets girl meets boy. Do we really know what the heart wants until the heart loses out? I loved the voice of this book; the stream of consciousness style of narration cleverly unravels and reveals emotions and thoughts, the reader having access to innermost private thoughts, a little like reading someone’s private diary. We all enjoy a sneak peek into someone else’s life and experiences and this novel gently flirts with this desire to know more, to hear more, to live out someone else’s experience.

This is a very charming, beautifully written, gentle expose of love and being loved; of the need of companionship and togetherness, of enjoying quiet times with the one you love (even if you couldn’t articulate it or verbalise these feelings at the time), it is about discovering those feelings and then the ragged emotions of hurt and heartbreak that follow being cut loose, being set adrift.

PS – loved the cover


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