Post Script: Bones in Her Pocket – Kathy Reichs

Bones in Her Pocket

Kathy Reichs

Random House UK, Cornerstone

ISBN: 9781448185580



Dr Temperance Brennan is in unfamiliar territory as she races to learn the truth from the bones – before it’s too late. A new, exclusive straight-to-digital short story from Kathy Reichs, world leading forensic anthropologist and No.1 bestselling author of Deja DeadBones Are Foreverand Bones of the Lost.

Dr. Tempe Brennan has seen it all.  Human bones.  Animal bones.  Old bones. Young bones.  Male bones.  Female bones.  What she hasn’t seen is all of them mixed together in the same case.

Until now.

The foothills of North Carolina aren’t the only unfamiliar territory Tempe faces as she races to learn the meaning of the Bones in Her Pocket.

Multi-million copy, international bestselling thriller writer Kathy Reichs is an expert in forensic science, giving her fiction an authenticity other crime writers would kill for.

Bones In Her Pocket also gives readers the first chance to read the opening chapters of Kathy’s new thriller, Bones of the Lost, out in August.

My View:

A very quick read; the plot is well executed, Reich relies on her loyal readers understanding of her protagonist’s voice and character and thus Tempe Brennan  needs little introduction and  further Reich does not waste pages with intricate  sub plots but gets right on with the story. A quick read (sixty odd pages), this format illustrates this writer’s skillful knowledge of the crime fiction genre.  The narrative has a satisfying conclusion and as a bonus includes an advanced peek of Reich’s upcoming book “Bones of the Lost.”

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