Sneak Peak: I am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes

I am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes

I have been fortunate to be asked to participate in a  blog tour launched by Random House Books Australia for the above book.

It is being marketed as “the breakout thriller for 2013.” And guess what? It is! All the hype that comes with this book is true!!!

AT the moment I am 250 pages into the 703 pages of the book – and I only put it down to go to bed last night and even then I did not stop thinking of all the possibilities for what is coming next. I cant wait to start reading again today but know once I pick it up I will be totally involved in it again ( there goes the possibility of doing anything else today). 🙂

Please look out for this book – full review  and author interview to follow next week. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: I am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes

    • Soon, soon…I was just exhausted after reading the 700 page in 3 afternoon/evenings…I couldnt put my thoughts into words…I hope my words can do it justice.

      I think you need to read this one so I can read your excellent review. 🙂

  1. I very nearly turned it down but comments like yours have been so good I couldn’t resist though I have no idea how I am going to squeeze it in!

    • I nearly did the same – I am not usually into spy stories – I think my past reads may have been a be dated and put me off – and so I dont know why I said I would read it, something drew me to it and I am so glad. This is an incredible read – I just hope I can do it justice in my review…

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