Part of the Pack.

It is exactly for this reason –  that we are Bob’s family – that he has ended up sleeping on our bed these past few weeks. (It is winter here and cold). He needed the extra warmth that his two humans provide!  It is a good job we have a king size bed. :)_

4 thoughts on “Part of the Pack.

  1. We also have a pooch that plays musical beds – our bed has been a favourite since the electric blankets have been on.

    • As you too age you notice the snoring…less 🙂

      Try having a Dempsey dog on the bed, French Bulldogs snore, chortle, gasp, and make amazing indescribably loud noises – after Dempsey, Bob seems quiet. All a matter of perspective really . 🙂
      ( we love the Dempsey dog too despite his noises and other idiosyncrasies)

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