Post Script: Blood Secret – Jaye Ford


Blood Secret

Jaye Ford

Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Bantam Australia

ISBN: 9781742756776



From a master of suspense and author of the bestselling Beyond Fear, Blood Secret is a teasingly crafted, nail-biting thriller that’s impossible to put down. Nothing ever happens in Haven Bay, which is why Rennie Carter a woman who has been on the run for most of her life stayed there longer than she should. However, that illusion of security is broken one night when Max Tully, the man she loves and the reason she stayed, vanishes without trace. Rennie, though, is the only person who believes Max is in danger. The police are looking in the wrong places, and Max’s friends and his business partner keep hinting at another, darker side to him. But Rennie Carter understands about double lives after all, that’s not even her real name. And she has a secret too, a big, relentless and violent one that she’s terrified has found her again and the man she loves.

My View:

I found this a very engaging and satisfying thriller. I was hooked by the action in the first few pages – Ford creates tension by using a situation many of us are familiar with – road rage; we can place ourselves in this picture, the tension is real. What a great hook!

This novel is fast paced, action packed and nothing is as it appears on the surface.  The characters are likable, earnest, hardworking and real – this is a community that appears perfect, secure and benign to those looking from outside in.  All it takes is one rotten apple and the life blood of community, trust, starts to clot and decay in a spectacular fashion.  Everyone has secrets they do not wish to share.

I liked that the main character Rennie Carter is a strong, self reliant woman with many hidden talents – some she would prefer to remain hidden – along with her gun!  Rennie knows her own mind and takes responsibility for her own actions and safety and is compelled to find her missing partner regardless of what the community or the police may be presuming.

This narrative accelerates down a twisting path of lies and assumptions, greed determines the journey and we do not find the truth until the very end.

A fantastic, absorbing and fast paced read. This book is best enjoyed in one sitting – but you won’t really have a conscious choice in that once you begin reading you will be hooked and compelled to read until you reach the very last page!

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