Post Script: The Midas Murders – Pieter Aspe

The Midas Murders

Pieter Aspe

Open Road Integrated Media

Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781453239759



In the second novel by the international bestselling Pieter Aspe, Inspector Van In races against the clock to thwart a series of terrorist plots.

One quiet snow-covered Sunday morning in Bruges, a prominent business executive is found dead in the streets, apparently due to an alcoholic hemorrhage, but for Inspector Van In, there is something about the autopsy that does not add up. When he questions the businessman’s friend, a Dutchman, he too is found dead the next morning, burned to death in a house fire.

When there is an explosion in the middle of a popular tourist area in downtown Bruges, Van In strives to find the connection between the three incidents, but no one is coming forward to claim responsibility for this terrorist attack. Just an anonymous letter to the police, threatening more bombings—unless they cooperate with a series of demands that would undermine the entire city government.

Aided by the spunky and beautiful assistant DA, Hannelore Martens, Inspector Van In finds himself enmeshed in the case that threatens not just the lives of countless innocent people, but the heart of the city he loves.

My View:

I really enjoyed the first book in the series, this one, not so much.  The protagonist Van In has slipped into that unremarkable and sad situation of drinking heavily, lusting after prostitutes and is depressed. I was depressed after reading this – what has the author done to this character? He used to have energy, he enjoyed a drink – but not so much that it dictated his actions, he was a revered member of the police force, his character now is pathetic and that of Hannelore Martens is not any better.  In the last book she had spunk, she actually took a real and useful part in solving the crimes, now she has become a pathetic sex object.

The only redeeming feature of this book is the plot – the overall premise of why the crimes were committed is unique and brilliant.

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