Passion – do you have it? How did you get it? How does it reveal itself? What are you passionate about?

For may years I have been lamenting the fact that I honestly do not feel passionate about anything –  well maybe anything except my immediate family (and maybe that is love not passion.) 🙂    At a dinner with a few colleagues  – a millionaire now investing in making children’s lives better, a film maker, a director of an orphanage in Cambodia that she is patron of, I asked how/why they ended up doing what they do and why they do it.  What I really wanted was the answer to my own question – what next for me? All these people had one thing in common – they have passion for what they are doing. Passion was the key. I felt like the odd one out.

They all said, “Find the passion and you will know what road you want to travel.” Easier said than done.

Recently I met several people who are passionate about the things they are doing; at a social event – a daughter’s birthday party held at a bowling club – I met an amazing passionate man – passionate about bowling! It was his duty at the club to explain the rules of the game to us and help us to enjoy the game and the facilities. He was so enthusiastic, so passionate when he talked about the game and his aspirations. It was a joy to listen and observe him.

A few weeks ago we went to a local vineyard – The Growers, where we sampled some wines and were fortunate enough to be able to speak with the actual winemaker about his wines and his wine making experiences, processes. Here was another enthusiastic passionate individual. It was so obvious that he loved his work.

Passion – what does it feel like to you?

I really like a lot of things – reading, chocolate, wine, cake, trifle, ice cream, fishing, holidays…I used to enjoy my  paid work… but passion… passion for any of those things? I don’t think so. What is it and how do I find it?

9 thoughts on “p…p…p…p…passion

  1. How would you define passion though? At what point do you go from ‘really liking’ something to being ‘passionate’ about that something? I really enjoy writing, when it takes hold of me and I produce something I consider good it gives me a real buzz. Am I passionate about it? Not sure, but for the moment I’ll go with it. This also brings to mind something I remember Oprah once saying – ‘we all have to work, yes, but we have to know what lights the spark within us.’

    • Agree – if you have that “something else ” in your life you can do a mundane job without that becoming an issue – as you have balanced your needs outside of work. But that can just be something you enjoy.

      Passion – hard to define but when you see some one who is passionate about something – be it work, hobby, interest, charity etc you can really see it shine loud and bright.

  2. I don’t think I’m so passionate about anything on a long-term basis, but I get short-term bursts of passion – usually about a book, a film or a play. In fact, perhaps I’d say theatre is my passion, though I indulged it more when I lived in London – we don’t get so many really great performances up here. But once I get started talking about plays I’ve seen or great actors, I’m hard to shut up, so that’s probably passion, eh? 😉

      • See, I’d have said you were passionate about books? You often say you couldn’t put it down, or couldn’t go to bed without finishing, and you love to share your opinions about them – that all sounds like passion to me?

      • But then I haven’t been to the theatre in months…

        Bet if I asked you to recommend your three favourite books of all time…or to say who’s your favourite author and why…or which book you wished you’d never read so you could have the pleasure of reading it again for the first time… 😉

      • Actually you would be surprised at my response….I don’t have a favorite of all times etc…I do have a mental list of authors who I like to read and that list keeps growing and I never re read unless by accident :), I think I am more of a sampler…read a bit here, read a bit there…try this…try that. I have always read a lot. I could recommend lots of good reads, and ones to avoid. 🙂

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