A Sunday Drive to Busselton WA

It was a perfect day for a leisurely drive to Busselton where we had a walk along the lovely foreshore and took Bob off the lead for a paddle at the beach.


The Busselton Jetty and foreshore have recently been redeveloped and now provides a perfect place for a stroll, a picnic or a BBQ. The foreshore is dotted with BBQs, tables, shelters and drinking water on tap. The car parks have been extended and there is plenty of room for all including large vehicles to park. A great spot.


6 thoughts on “A Sunday Drive to Busselton WA

    • Bob likes to keep with us, mostly – and he does come back – but not always as soon as you call him – he gets distracted – we need to keep reinforcing the “come” when called with treats – it does make a difference. We need to practice more before we go away again. 🙂

  1. Carol – What great ‘photos! There’s a beach about 40 K from where I live that allows dogs, so a lot of the locals bring their dogs there. It’s actually named Dog Beach for that reason. It’s a great time for the dogs and it’s nice for people to socialise too.

    • Margot – This is a great beach for walks – and because the Jetty is a big attraction (and the restaurants nearby) there is plenty for people to do so the beach itself is not too crowded. In fact there was only one other person exercising their dog when we were there- but plenty having BBQ’s and picnics further along the foreshore. Bob loves the beach – but he is not so keen on waves.

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