Post Script: Codes of Betrayal – Dorothy Uhnak

Masterfully written – I expect no less from Ms Uhnak.

Codes of Betrayal

A Novel

Dorothy Uhnak

Open Road Integrated Media

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 9781480460980



To avenge his child, a New York cop vows to tear his own family apart.

On the twentieth floor of a half-finished skyscraper, two brothers-in-law stare each other down. One is Vincent Ventura, a made man who fancies himself a real estate mogul. The other is Danny O’Hara, an honest foreman who’s just seen Ventura’s thugs throw one of his employees to his death. O’Hara doesn’t think Ventura will harm his own kin. He’s wrong. Ventura barely hesitates before pushing his brother-in-law over the edge.

Thirty years later, Nick O’Hara—Danny’s son—is a cop, and Ventura is king of the New York mob. Though he avoids his uncle’s business, Nick makes the mistake of allowing his twelve-year-old son to pay his respects at the old man’s birthday party. A gun battle erupts in Little Italy, and young Peter is caught in the crossfire. As his life collapses around him, Nick risks everything for vengeance—taking on the Italian mob in the name of his son, and the father whom he never knew.

My View:

This is a narrative of complex plotting, of secrets, lies and crime. This is a spotlight on The Mob; the narrative begins in 1960’s in the USA and relates to repercussions of a violent incident that spreads its dirty, grubby fingers into relationships thirty years on .This is ultimately a novel about power, influence, corruption, relationships and honour that asks the question, “no matter whose shoes you wear how do you lead an honourable life?”

As I read this book I kept having flash backs to the Johnny Depp film, Donnie Brasco (a film I loved), both the characters Brasco and Nick O’Hara going undercover and being put in very difficult positions where  other peoples life and deaths are in their hands. This was a very well written, well plotted, well executed novel that had elements of the classic police procedural, had an authentic voice and was ultimately a very sad story. I really enjoyed this glimpse of the underworld.


2 thoughts on “Post Script: Codes of Betrayal – Dorothy Uhnak

  1. That’s the thing about most Mob stories, Carol; they ultimately end sadly. But this one sounds like it’s got a solid sense of the New York setting, among other things, and a well-drawn setting makes such a difference.

    • Margot – Dorothy Uhnak wrote great books – her years as a police officer added authenticity to her work and the settings. The two books I have read thus far are so different; each stands alone as a great read. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up any of her books as you are always guaranteed a good read.

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