Post Script: Monkey Business – Kathryn Ledson

Here is my contribution to Australia Day 2014 and the Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop being hosted Shelleyrae at  Book’d Out. Please check out the other participants on the  Book’d Out site.

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My reveiw:

Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Kathryn Ledson

Michael Joseph

The Penguin Group

ISBN: 9781921901164




Erica Jewell reckons being a part-time vigilante is stressful enough, without the added pressures of a demanding day job, annoying family and bossy cat. Now her mysterious lover has vanished on some clandestine mission, without leaving a forwarding address. Erica thinks that’s pretty typical of hired gun Jack Jones – he’d rather risk his life than his heart.

Then Erica discovers with a shock that Jack is M.I.A. on the jungle-infested island of Saint Sebastian. When no one seems willing to help find Jack or even acknowledge his existence, Erica knows she’s his only chance. But negotiating her way around lawless and sweltering Sebastian, where monkey business abounds, proves far more dangerous than she expected.

Fast-paced, funny and totally engaging, Monkey Business blends adventure and romance in an irresistible summer read.

My View:

A delicious snack of fun and laughter.

I really enjoyed this easy reading, fast paced piece of escapist writing; for several hours I laughed to myself and got lost and involved in the madcap world of Erica Jewell.  This is perfect read for on the train, plane or beach or when you need cheering up – light, engaging, funny and all action completed with an authentic Australian voice.

There is something about this  novel that is so engaging – maybe it is its Australianness – the characters and the narrative do not take themselves seriously, there is a glorious sense of fun and madness that the author does not  try to justify – it just is what it is – fun, light, entertaining. The characters and settings are familiar and memorable –   who doesn’t know of Tupperware parties, of standing in queues at night clubs,  of exotic overseas holiday destinations (not), handsome heroes , demanding mothers, true good friends and mysteries galore – what isn’t there to love about this book? Ledson strikes the right balance of fun and adventure, danger and romance. A great entertaining read.

52 thoughts on “Post Script: Monkey Business – Kathryn Ledson

  1. Oh, Carol, that really does sounds like a fun read. And the setting has me interested too. There’s just something about the madcap, ‘screwball’ sort of story that can be absolutely delightful. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I’m a fan of crime fiction – so I would probably go for that… but I have to say what brought me here was the word ‘riesling’… Writing, reading and wine go hand in hand with me!

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  5. I would love some new inspiration, so I would choose a Cookbook please.
    Monkey Business sounds interesting, I love real honest “Aussie” books that haven’t been “Americanised”.

    • This book has a real authentic voice…and attitude…I can hear myself in some of the conversations….made me smile…There is one part – I won’t give too much away – where Erica has promised to bring her mum back an exotic present (from her trip), the self talk is soo funny. 🙂

  6. Oooh, this sounds perfect, thank you for the opportunity to win. I have recently (and regretfully) had a clean out of some of my books, and I’d love to fill up my bookshelf again!

  7. A really great post, thanks. Thanks to Book’d Out for organising this blog hop to bring Aussie authors and readers together.

  8. I’ve heard alot of great things about this book. And it’s cover its so eye-catching, I’d love to read it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  9. Sounds like a great, fun read. Another added to the TBR list.
    Thanks for the chance to join your giveaway. I’m really enjoying this blog hop.

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