Post Script: Under Your Skin – Sabine Durrant

Many twists and turns and surprises!

Under Your Skin, Sabine Durrant

Under Your Skin

A Novel

Sabine Durrant

Atria Books

Atria/Emily Bestler Books

ISBN: 9781476716237



In this page-turning debut from talented crime writer Sabine Durrant, a woman makes a chilling discovery in the woods that changes her life forever.

When clever, pretty, successful Gaby Mortimer discovers the dead body of a young woman near her house, she has no idea that her apparently happy, secure, charmed life is about to go into sickening freefall—and that soon she will be living by the mantra of the police detective investigating the murder case: ABC: Assume Nothing, Believe No One, Check Everything…

My View:

This was an absorbing read with an astounding ending! This truth sneaks up on you and hits you on the head – BAM! You will feel totally confused, shocked and at odds with the world; this is not how you saw the story unravel, this ending will blow you away. I was totally surprised. I was totally enthralled in this story, in this mega deception, in this callous and well thought out plan. Sabine Durrant is a talented and gifted story teller. This is a stunning debut novel full of twists and turns and surprises. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Post Script: Under Your Skin – Sabine Durrant

  1. Carol Oh, now I’m already interested in this one, thanks to your review. I do like credible twists and turns in plots, and the ABC way of doing things makes sense. I’m not much of a one for a lot of gore though. I do hope it’s not blood-spattered.

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