Post Script: SNOOP – Eleni Konstantine



Eleni Konstantine


ISBN: 9781619376366


Bob’s rule of investigating: Never take the paranormal at face value.

Daisy Luck is a SNOOP – Sanctioned Nationalized Officer Of the Paranormal. Her latest case involving a vampire and a gremlin has her private eye senses in a spin. Throw in yummy Detective Maroney and her life couldn’t get more complicated – or could it?

My View:

This novella was a delightful introduction to the paranormal/fantasy world of Daisy Luck P.I. This read is engaging and light and instantly lifted my spirits (no pun intended). A perfect pick me up for the weary, jaded reader and a great introduction to the author’s skill set – her wonderful imagination, entertaining words, characters that are quirky and likeable, and a paranormal narrative with a hint of romance – a great combination. I look forward to reading more by this Australian writer in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Post Script: SNOOP – Eleni Konstantine

  1. Carol – Glad you enjoyed this. Normally I”m not one for the paranormal in crime novels. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done well. And sometimes, a light novel or novella is just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps I’ll look out for this one.

    • Margot – I had just started a book I was so looking forward to – 60 pages in – I gave up….I think this was a case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” no one wants to say a negative thing about the book…anyway I was disappointed..DNF… this was a quick pick me up. 🙂

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