Post Script: Close Up – Kate Forster

A great story that brought a tear to my eyes.

Close Up, Kate Forster

Close Up

Kate Forster

Michael Joseph

Penguin Books

ISBN: 9781921901638



A racy, romantic, escapist story filled with glamour and heart and set in the movie world of Hollywood, by the author of Seduction and The Perfect Location.

In Hollywood, not everyone is ready for their close up, especially when it exposes the secrets of past …

Zoe Greene manages the careers of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She’ll do anything to help them – and herself – get ahead.

Actress Maggie Hall has been America’s sweetheart for nearly twenty years. And she’s about to learn that there are two things in life you just can’t fight: growing older and falling in love.

Dylan Mercer – young, beautiful and defiant – has run away from New York to try her luck in Hollywood. She’s not after fame and fortune, though. Dylan’s on a quest to find her birth mother.

All three women are swept up in the search for the actress who will score the role of a lifetime. But ambition and desire can bring out the worst in people. And in a town built on illusions, believing you can escape your past might just be the biggest illusion of all.

My View:

They say you should never judge a book by its cover – and how true this proved to be.  Something about the cover just made me think in stereo types; of trashy romance novels. But this book was anything but a trashy romance – this was a skilfully written narrative filled with interesting well fleshed out characters, it has some interesting plot twists and turns, great settings  painted in vivid colours, a bit of romance and a great story about female friendship.  I have had such a friendship – a friend from my first days of high school – Darlene if you are reading this – it is time we picked up the phone, it has been too long. J

This narrative talked to me about my work life – no I don’t work in Hollywood but I do work in film and TV in Australia – and it is not a glamorous business. It is cruel, mostly thankless and competitive. The playing field is not even.  These elements it shares with Hollywood.But enough of that – you will discover all and more when you read this book for yourself.

In all, a very well written story, engaging characters, strong female protagonists, a great story of enduring friendship and lessons about love and the scenes with the dog (no spoilers here) brought a tear to my eye.  Kate Forster is a great Australian writer.

3 thoughts on “Post Script: Close Up – Kate Forster

  1. Carol – I reckon your experience in the business gave you an especial insight into this book. I was going to comment on the cover actually; it’s good to hear that what’s inside is much more. It sounds like a solid tale as well as a bit of escapism and I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I hope Darlene reaches out; I have friends like that too.

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