Post Script: Silent Kill – Peter Corris

Silent Kill

Silent Kill

Peter Corris

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781743316375



Politics, murder and sex push Hardy to the limit.

When Cliff Hardy signs on as a bodyguard for charismatic populist Rory O’Hara, who is about to embark on a campaign of social and political renewal, it looks like a tricky job – O’Hara has enemies. A murder and a kidnapping cause the campaign to fall apart.

Hired to investigate the murder, Hardy uncovers hidden agendas among O’Hara’s staff as well as powerful political and commercial forces at work. His investigation takes him from the pubs and brothels of Sydney to the heart of power in Canberra and the outskirts of Darwin. There he teams up with a resourceful Indigenous private detective and forms an uneasy alliance with the beautiful Penelope Marinos, formerly O’Hara’s PA.

A rogue intelligence agent becomes his target and Hardy stumbles upon a terrible secret that draws them into a violent – and disturbing – confrontation.

My View:

For those of you who like your crime read in the “hard boiled” style this is for you; this narrative provides intrigue, political manipulation, a protagonist who is basically the stereo typical detective action hero. Cliff hardy is a tough guy with principles; he fights for his beliefs, he protects and tries to save/get  the “girl”, he drinks a little, plays pool and is not a push over. Cliff Hardy is battle toughened.

In all I found this to be a well written narrative though the characters were a little stereotyped and out dated and the action didn’t really excite until the final chapters. A quick read with a somewhat satisfying end.

8 thoughts on “Post Script: Silent Kill – Peter Corris

  1. Carol – Perhaps a bit dated in some of the novels, but I have to admit I’ve liked the Cliff Hardy stories I’ve read. I’ve not read anywhere near all of them, but still, I do like the writing style. Glad this one kept your interest.

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