Post Script: Poppet – Mo Hayder


Jack Caffery 6

Mo Hayder

Random House UK, Transworld Publishers


ISBN: 9780857500762



The heartstopping new Jack Caffery novel – a Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller.

The patients at Beechway High Secure Unit are terrified. Unexplained power cuts have lead to a series of horrifying incidents. And now fear has spread from the inmates to the staff.

DI Jack Caffery is called to investigate, whilst working the most impossible case of his life. Will he be able to stare pure evil in the eye, and survive?

My View:

Firstly let me confess I only discovered Mo Hayder’s talent when I read Wolf last month ( review to follow closer to publication date), Wolf is the 7th book in this series so I am effectively working backwards in my reads – (I will remedy this as soon as I get a chance), however this has not affected my enjoyment of Ms Hayder’s writing skills or narratives.  I really enjoyed this narrative which gave me a deeper insight into Detective Jack Caffery – in fact he has become my favourite fictional detective. I really like his quiet ways, his ability to listen when others react, his compassion and his somewhat skewed yet human approach to morals and ethics. I understand his choices and largely agree with them. And on a personal level – he seems not half bad. J

Poppet was a well-constructed and intriguing story; hints of myths and ghouls and the strange goings on in a secure psychiatric unit will have you rapidly turning pages. The incidents in this unit are brutal and grotesque and the plot twists and turns will continue to surprise you til the very end. Bravo! I must read the rest of the series. And then I will work on reading her standalone novels.

6 thoughts on “Post Script: Poppet – Mo Hayder

  1. Carol – I’d heard exactly those two things about this novel: that it is brutal and rough, but that it’s truly suspenseful. And isn’t it nice to find a sleuth you like?

  2. I absolutely ADORE Mo Hayder’s novels. ‘Skin’ probably has the most evocative and disturbing beginning of any novel I have read. Her books have a way of staying with you and literally getting under your skin.

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