Post Script: Guilt. A Carl Morck Novel – Jussi Alder-Olsen


A Carl Morck Novel

Jussi Adler-Olsen

Penguin Books Australia


ISBN: 9781405909780



1987. Nete Rosen thought she’d put her traumatic childhood behind her. Caring foster parents and then a loving husband gave her a new start in life. But one night a man from her past reappears, destroying Nete’s confidence – and her life. Drawn back into a terrible nightmare, she won’t be a victim again . . .

2010. Detective Carl Morck and his cold case team are looking into the case of Rita Nielsen, owner of an escort agency who vanished twenty-three years ago. As they begin poking around into Rita’s past they uncover evidence of other disappearances at the same time. It’s not one missing person case – but several.

Soon Carl and his team find that powerful and ruthless people are upset by their investigation. Either, they stop now, or they will find themselves stopped – for good.


My View:

It took me a little time to warm to the language of this narrative – the translation was excellent however I found the conversations peppered with an abrasive coarseness (lots of swearing and toilet humour that did not work for me ) that I did not notice with the earlier book I read in this series (Redemption) and also a general malaise or general negativity that I hadn’t noticed in the previous book either but was present in this episode. This negativity seemed to spread to Morck’s general assessment of life and those around him; the author didn’t seem to be celebrating uniqueness as he did in Redemption – Rose and Assad seemed flat, their very uniqueness and special qualities seemed to irritate Morck. I almost felt as if this book was written in two sections or by two authors for once I got past this early irritating stage of the book I seemed to be back in the style of writing that I enjoyed so much in Redemption

I really enjoyed the narrative – the telling from two perspectives and time periods that discussed Nete Rosen’s life, the horrors of the “social/ethnic cleansing/eugenic” polices of the time that disempowered women and minority groups, of Nete’s plans for revenge and the current period when Morck and his team enter the frame and work to solve a few cold case crimes.   I particularly liked that Assad was given more depth and allowed some initiative – I look forward to learning more of his history in future novels in this series.

And there is plenty of scope for the next book/books. Adler Olsen leaves a particularly nasty cold case that involved Morck and Hardy still in the wind…we are also given a little hope for Hardy’s recovery or partial recovery – a good thing. Overall an engaging narrative.

15 thoughts on “Post Script: Guilt. A Carl Morck Novel – Jussi Alder-Olsen

  1. Carol – I like this series very much, so although I’ve not read it yet, I will even if in some ways it’s not quite up to the others. I really like the premise and in large measure, the characters. And I like Adler-Olssn’s sardonic wit. This is on the pile waiting for me…

  2. I pretty much agree with you on this one – the humour really let it down. Why do men think descriptions of bodily functions are funny? They’re weird! And Rose and Assad were irritating me in this one as much as they were irritating Morck. But yes, overall the story was pretty good and I’ll probably stick with the series for another one anyway.

    • Did you feel it was written by two people – especially using the F word all the time in the first part and then it was dropped mostly from speech? It didnt feel like natural speech. I dont know if I will read any further in this series…

      • I didn’t pick up on that exactly, but I thought the writing of the real story about Nete was so much better done than all the interactions between the team. The more I think about, the more I think you may be right – I’m not totally sure it’s worth continuing with the series. As I think I’ve said before, I don’t seem to get on very well with male Scandi writers thoguh I quite like some of the women…and crime writing in general is pretty dire these days – all swearing, sex and violence. With a few exceptions.

      • I think you might enjoy Jo Nesbo’s latest The Son – not a Harry Hole in sight – this one shows how great a writer Nesbo is. I think it is his best yet. Of late I have been finding the Scandi – male and female – all pretty dark and child abuse seems to be the in theme. I am turning off them.

      • Hmm…I did look at the Nesbo on NG, but just couldn’t bring myself to request it. I really think I need a break from the gritty stuff – my reviews seem to be getting grumpier and grumpier. Think I might have to head towards more ‘cosy’ stuff for a while – though often they’re not very well written. But three of my favourite crime writers are publishing soon – Jane Casey, Sharon Bolton and Belinda Bauer. Look out for the Bolton – it appeared on NG for the UK today, so hopefully might turn up for Aus soon.

      • Bolton used to write under the name SJ Bolton but she’s changed it now to Sharon. Hope you get it – I was approved this morning.

        Well…OK! But it’ll be your fault if I hate it! 😉

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