The Money Shot

Today we moved house  and on the Balaclava to Auburn Road I found an amazing must have shot- I have been adoring the images of so many abandoned stone built farmhouses on the Yorke Peninsula, I wanted to get a shot when the opportunity arose. So..we packed up this morning and headed to our next destination – the Barossa Valley. Along the way the opportunity for the “money shot” arose. I had to have it.


Which do you think wins the prize?


Gorgeous!  Or perhaps this shot?


Or perhaps this one?

Thanks to the many who stopped and gave assistance. What great friendly helpful people.


No tears until we got to Kapunda and set up the caravan (and cleaned husbands shoes, and car door and steering wheel…) and plugged in laptop and the hard disk crashed:(

16 thoughts on “The Money Shot

  1. OMG you poor things, did you run over a chinaman whilst tripping around? I hope you had a back up, but you sound very efficient so I’m sure that’s not an issue. Tomorrow will be better 😔

  2. Oh, poor you! The middle one’s definitely the money shot…though I’d have been tempted to abandon caravan, hubbie and lap-top and take up temporary residence in the farmhouse…

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