Post Script: Teach Her – Mark Kotting

Teach Her

Mark Kotting

Legend Press

Legend Press

ISBN: 9781909878587

Teach Her is a fast moving, darkly humorous novel. A who did what to who and why. The most bizarre book you’ll read this year.


A teacher is in for the chop. An ex pupil with psychotic tendencies wants answers. A one legged soldier home from war has revenge in his heart.

Tension is rising as a diverse set of people struggle to live side-by-side in a small town.

A sparky and quirky tale that will leave you questioning the influence of teachers and the value of a fake leg.


My View:

Definitely quirky and full of anger and revenge. This book is strange and had me fooled for a moment – there are some very poetic passages and insightful glimpses, “He’s at an age when he forgets things, goes back to his larder of memory and there’s nothing but empty space where preserve jars of past events were once stored. Jim hates that, the dark emptiness of his larder.” Some observations such as this charmed and were brilliant but the rest…sorry just seemed to be sad, angry and very very dark. I didn’t see the humour and I didn’t enjoy this read.


If you are looking for something that makes you feel uncomfortable – this book is for you.




4 thoughts on “Post Script: Teach Her – Mark Kotting

    • Margot – such a disappointment because this guy can write…maybe it is a case of the blurb sucking me in and then not delivering, a point you discussed earlier… I just could not see the humour in a mother -who is a teacher, chaining her teenage son to his bed, stuffing his mouth with material so he couldn’t call for help…all to “enhance his learning.” (among other not funny incidents).

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