Drum Roll…..The Winner is


For the first time, out of a selection of 10 finalists, the Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary awarded a generous cash prize of $10,000 to acknowledge excellence in documentary production.  The winner of the Documentary Australia Foundation Award went to 35 Letters.

“The winning documentary is an inventive and deeply moving account of 31-year-old Melbourne writer Angelique Flowers, who is given only months to live, and the different ways in which she and her family face her impending death,” said DAF Award for Australian Documentary Jury Member Dr Mitzi Goldman.

“Unflinchingly, this film shows us Angelique’s desperate search for a way to die with dignity – one made all the more difficult by her parents opposing belief that she should die as God intended, and her sibling’s determination to help her die as she chooses, even though it is against the law.  Dealing with difficult subject matter that is universal in its urgency and relevance, the film tells a very personal story in an artistic and honest style that delicately balances personal suffering with the larger ethical and moral questions posed by voluntary euthanasia. This is a brave and confronting attempt to bring a subject rarely discussed in Australia back into the public arena.” ( extract courtesy of Sydney Film Festival 2014)



8 thoughts on “Drum Roll…..The Winner is

  1. OMG Carol!!!! How terrific is that!!! You must be so thrilled. Congratulations to you and all involved in this documentary. When will I get to see it?

    • Thanks Janine – it is so wonderful to have this film appreciated….and have all our hard work acknowledged. Dont know yet about any screenings but this can only help get a broadcaster interested. It is such a fantastic film, such a powerful and moving story…..hope it creates discussion and change.

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