What Do You Think Agatha Christie Fans?

A “new” Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot book coming out soon penned by Sophie Hannah.

I don’t think I will be reading this one myself but I am really interested in what fans of either Sophie Hannah or Agatha Christie think of this and what readers in general think of this latest bookish trend – continuing on a series after the original writer is dead.



6 thoughts on “What Do You Think Agatha Christie Fans?

  1. Haven’t read Agatha Christie in forever. I don’t think I’d read it by someone other than the original author.

  2. Carol – I admit to being a bit of a cranky purist. I don’t plan to read this one. No disrespect to Ms. Hannah, who is quite talented and whose work I think is of good quality. It’s just that Hercule Poirot – the Hercule Poirot – was a Christie creation.

  3. While I tend to agree with Margot about these resurrections, you know I can never resist them! I’ve had it on pre-order since the middle of June and to be honest…can’t wait! 😉

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