Post Script: Bones and Roses – Eileen Goudge

Bones and Roses

Eileen Goudge

INscribe Digital

ISBN: 9780991589401




New York Times bestselling author Eileen Goudge presents BONES AND ROSES, the first book in her exciting new Cypress Bay Mysteries series!

Welcome to the northern California seaside town of Cypress Bay, where the surf’s up, the sixties live on and long-buried secrets are about to surface.

From home invasions to cheating spouses, Rest Easy Property Management owner Leticia “Tish” Ballard thought she’d seen it all. Almost four years sober after flambéing her real estate career in an alcohol-fuelled blowout, she’s finally in a good place in her life when the discovery of skeletal human remains rocks her world and plunges her headlong into solving a decades-old crime. Now she must delve into the darkness of her own past, including the one-night stand gone horribly wrong with Spence Breedlove, who happens to be the lead detective on the case. When the truth comes out at long last, Tish finds herself pitted against an enemy who will stop at nothing in a fight for her own life.


My View:

I choose to read this book for a couple of reasons; it had been personally recommended to me and when I sought the book out I fell in love with the cover, so based on purely on these 2 reasons I picked up this book and laughed and was intrigued and enjoyed the whole reading experience.


The protagonist Tish is delightful, honest, sassy, and a down to earth recovering alcoholic, hers is such unique voice in crime fiction I can’t wait to read more about this heroine. She is sober but every day is a challenge that she acknowledges – I like this frailty and honesty it adds a wonderful depth to her character (that and she is the “responsible adult” for the care of her schizophrenic brother). I love the way that alcoholism and mental health issues are dealt with so openly in this drama; and drama it is.


There is plenty of action, conflicts, the airing of past misdemeanours, a bit of mystery, romance, and some great friendships and of course a murder to solve. This narrative is written with passion (you can tell), some laugh out loud moments and the good guys win- what more could you want in an easy read absorbing read?




8 thoughts on “Post Script: Bones and Roses – Eileen Goudge

  1. Carol – One of the things you bring up in this fine review is how refreshing it can be when the protagonist is dealing with life issues. I don’t mean the melodramatic ‘drunken, demon-haunted detective.’ That’s been more than overdone. But we all have our baggage and weaknesses. It’s nice when they are portrayed honestly in a novel.

    • Yes it was a very enjoyable read – I was surprised – I was expecting a stock standard ‘cozy” and it wasnt- it was not too heavy, no gratuitous violence and some moments of humour – the protagonist has a very sarcastic tongue. And some honest moments.

  2. Carol, thank you for this. That noise you hear from across the ocean is me shouting “She gets it!” I didn’t want BONES AND ROSES to be like other cozy mysteries I’ve read. My favorite mysteries are ones with flawed protagonists possessed of rough edges and sharp tongues. Tish Ballard is my alter ego. The me I would be if I weren’t so polite 🙂

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