Afternoon Tea Anyone?

This week my daughter has been requesting that I make some dessert or muffins, her favourite being Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins. There are many versions of this recipe around, my version of the linked recipe replaces Macadamia oil for the butter and frozen raspberries as fresh are not readily available. I haven’t done ay real baking or cooking for months and months (due to being on holiday in the caravan and making mostly “one pot” type meals). I had forgotten how much I enjoy cooking. The house was filed with incredible aromas (and the muffins didn’t taste too bad either). What is your favourite afternoon tea sweet treat?



8 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea Anyone?

    • Had the best Vanilla slices in SA (and bee stings) yum! The last few days I have been cooking and cooking….added Anzac biscuits to the care pack for my youngest daughter (my eldest is driving up to Perth tonight with them) Now looking at some healthier cooking and have new cooks books on there way to inpsire:)

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