Post Script: Ruthless – Cath Staincliffe


Cath Staincliffe

Random House UK, Transworld Publishers


ISBN: 9780552168878



A blaze at an abandoned chapel in impoverished Manorclough turns out to be more than just arson when the body of a man who has been shot twice is discovered in the ashes. For the Manchester Metropolitan police team it’s the start of a gruelling and complex case that exposes the fractures and fault lines of a community living on the edge.


DC Rachel Bailey, recently married, is trying to come to terms with her new status and deal with the fallout from her chaotic family. She throws herself into work but her compulsion to find answers and see justice done leads her into the deepest jeopardy.


DC Janet Scott’s world is shaken to its foundations when death comes far too close for comfort and she finds one of her daughters on the wrong side of a police investigation.


DCI Gill Murray’s ex Dave, a Chief Superintendent, crashes back into her life, out of control and bringing chaos in his wake. Gill attempts to get Dave to face the truth of his situation, and to stay the hell away from her, but things are about to get a whole lot worse.


And then a second building goes up in flames…



My View:

Gritty, fast paced…excellent.


Cath Staincliffe writes a brilliant film for your mind’s eye. I love the way I could “watch” all the drama unfold, the action play out, the characters interact as this police procedural unfolds to its climatic end. I loved the strong gutsy female protagonists – Rachel, Jane and Gill – all at different stages in their lives, marriages and careers, all with their own private dilemma’s to deal with whilst actively pursuing a ruthless murderer; this is as real as it gets, life and work are not mutually exclusive pursuits.


Brilliant police procedural. Excellent characterisations. Great sense of place. Strong gutsy female protagonists. Desperate criminals. What more could you want? Cath Staincliffe I am your new fan.






5 thoughts on “Post Script: Ruthless – Cath Staincliffe

  1. Carol – Welcome to the fan club. I really like her work very much. And you’re right that she creates terrific atmosphere and solid characters. Glad you enjoyed this.

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