Post Script: Eden – Candice Fox

Fear is a powerful motivator.


Candice Fox

Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Bantam Australia

ISBN: 9780857982568



The break taking new thriller from the author of Hades, winner of the Ned Kelly award for Best Debut Crime Novel. “I fool myself that Eden has a heart – that she would at least have trouble killing me…”Most police duos run on trust, loyalty, and the desire to see killers in court. But Detective Frank Bennett’s partner, the enigmatic Eden Archer, has nothing to offer him but darkness and danger. She doesn’t mind catching killers – but it’s not the courthouse where her justice is served. And now Eden is about to head undercover to find three missing girls. The only link between the victims is a remote farm where the desperate go to hide and blood falls more often than rain. For Frank, the priority is to keep his partner monitored 24/7 while she’s there – but is it for Eden’s protection, or to protect their suspects from her? Across the city at the Utulla Tip, someone is watching Hades Archer, a man whose criminal reputation is the stuff of legend. Unmasking the stalker for him might be just what Frank needs to stay out of trouble while Eden’s away. But it’s going to take a trip into Hades’s past to discover the answers – and what Frank uncovers may well put everyone in danger . . .



My View:

This was always going to be a difficult read for me; I loved the first book in this series, Hades, I didn’t think a work of crime fiction could get much better and so it was with anticipation and a touch of apprehension that I embarked on the second book, Eden. And what a book it is, a book of two stories intricately woven together, one story slowly reveals the history of Hades, his childhood, his baptism into a life of crime and of the spilling of much blood and a the story based in the current times of three missing girls.


I favoured the missing girls’ story – I would love to read more of this sort of account; the snappy dialogue, the mystery, the building tension, and a glimpse into the personal lives of the major characters; this was adrenaline raising reading. Hades story – for me was a little too blood thirsty, in particular the scenes with dogs. This was stomach churning stuff. Enough said.


A book of two narratives, one of which I found unpalatable the other I devoured. Candice Fox you are force to be reckoned with and I look forward to reading the third book in this series.



5 thoughts on “Post Script: Eden – Candice Fox

  1. Carol – Hmmm….Glad to hear you found the ‘missing girls’ half of the story very well-done and absorbing. And I’ve heard good things about Fox’s writing. Must say though that I’m not much of a one for stomach-churning plot threads. I’d hate to miss out on a good story, but perhaps this one would have to wait until I had the ‘what it takes’ to read it…

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