Post Script: The Twilight Hour – Nicci Gerrard

“The past never removes itself to a distance…”

The Twilight Hour

The Twilight Hour

Nicci Gerrard

Penguin UK

ISBN: 9781405919838



“Be with me now, at the twilight hour.

When the light fails.”

“I’m here.”

“Tell me.”

“What shall I tell you?”

“Tell me about us, when we were young.

What was it like? What was I like then?”


Eleanor Lee has lived a fiercely independent existence for over ninety years, but now it’s time to tidy her life away – books, photographs, paintings, letters – a lifetime of possessions all neatly boxed up for the last time. But amongst them there are some things that must be kept hidden. And, nearing blindness, Eleanor needs help to uncover them before her children and grandchildren do.


My View:

This is a finely drawn, exquisite look at relationships and love, the heroine a strong feminist before the word was popular. I have not read any Nicci Gerrard books before but have read and been impressed by several by Nicci French (the pseudonym for writers Nicci Gerrard and Sean French) who write psychological crime thrillers together , I love these works. I was very impressed with the quality of the writing in this novel; the evocative language, the realistic settings, the honest, powerful, passionate and strong female protagonist and her moving story. I was moved by this narrative, so much so I read the last few pages through teary eyes and thinking of this book even now, a week or so after I read this has me choking up. An exquisite read by an author I will be adding to my must read list.

4 thoughts on “Post Script: The Twilight Hour – Nicci Gerrard

  1. Carol – I’ve heard that Nicci Gerrard writes superbly, ‘though I must admit I am more familiar with her work as half of ‘Nicci French.’ So glad you enjoyed this one, and it’s a good reminder that I ought to try her ‘solo’ work.

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