Moroccan – Spiced Roast Chicken: Homedmade – Clodagh McKenna

I am finding “Homemade” by Clodagh McKenna to be a book packed with useful easy recipes that delight guests or family. This isn’t just a recipe book, it is a book of menus – starters, breakfasts, dips, cocktails, main meals, light meals, desserts, puddings… great ideas for all occasions.  This recipe filled the house with delicious aromas – and did taste as good as it smelled. I use a free range chicken, home grown lemons (for the marinade and to stuff the cavity of the bird) and served with steamed vegies – including green beans just picked from our garden. The small amount that was left went into the pot to make  stock from the carcass –  so flavoursome as the marinate spices had infused the meat, will be perfect to us when I make Pull Apart Lamb and Beans tonight.



4 thoughts on “Moroccan – Spiced Roast Chicken: Homedmade – Clodagh McKenna

    • This was delicious Margot – and the kitchen was full of such wonderful scents – lemon, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, chilli, garlic, paprika….I think it helps to have new recipe books – they inspire you to try different things.

    • Hmm…you’ve almost got me with the mention of chocolate 🙂 I do enjoy cooking – especially when we have visitors. We had the Pull Apart Roast Lamb +Beans again last night – I think it is my new favourite meal – it fed 8 of us easily and cooks itself.

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