My favourite reads to date have been crime fiction, when it is done well I cannot put the book down and am often found reading until the wee small hours. However these past few months I have read a couple of “YA” novels and trey have been brilliant (just finished All the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven so good I stopped reading and left so I didn’t have to read the sad ending that I knew was coming (it was great – not quite what I had been thinking but made me weep all the same)   My question is what makes a novel YA? And have I just been lucky in the few that I have read that have resonated with me or is this a genre I should be actively seeking in future? Have you read much YA?

All the Bright Places

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  1. Oh, that’s an interesting question, Carol. I think the term YA was originally coined for those books that feature teen protagonists and are marketed towards the teen audience. But the fact is, a lot of those books are also appealing to adults. And there are authors (Jane Casey comes to my mind) who write both ‘regular’ crime fiction (is there such a thing?) and YA crime fiction. I really do believe the line’s become blurred.

  2. I agree with Margot’s definition, and the line is blurred. I’ve enjoyed many YA novels in the past, some include: Christopher Paolini Eragon series, Harry Potter and even the classic Polyanna, and look forward to discovering plenty more.

  3. I think of them as being about teens or very young twenties. Haven’t read many, due to my aversion to romance overwhelming the plot, but I might be doing them an injustice… I enjoyed Jane Casey’s ventures into YA, but not nearly as much as her Old Adult books.

  4. I’ve actually never purposely read any YA (Twilight series aside I guess) but have picked up a couple by accident. It very much depends on the genre and author for me.

  5. Of course there is now a new genre called New Adult which is trying to bring teenagers who feel they are too old for YA but not old enough for Adult fiction. We have these at work wi the covers being more adult looking and more adult type themes. Will be interesting to see if it takes off.

  6. Spoke to our YS librarian today. She suggested books by Rainbow Rowell – Eleanor & Park or Fangirl. She also has adult novels – Landline & Attachments. These are typical of the new New Adult genre 😊

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