Post Script: Captured – Neil Cross

Murder/Mystery/Psychological thriller with a dash of horror!

Captured - Neil Cross - Open Road Intergrated Media


Neil Cross

Open Road Integrated Media

ISBN: 9781497692510




Given only weeks to live, Kenny Drummond finds a mystery worth dying to solve


In this gripping psychological thriller from the creator of Luther, Kenny Drummond has been diagnosed with late-stage brain cancer and is writing a list—a list of all the people he has let down in one way or another. He is determined to make amends before the black smudge that keeps showing up on his scans exercises its final power over him.


Working his way down the list, Kenny comes to an old schoolmate, Callie Barton, who was kind when he needed a friend. He heard she dated and eventually married Jonathan Reese, and that they live in Bath.


But no matter how hard he tries, Kenny can’t seem to get ahold of Callie; she’s disappeared without a trace. In fact, there are rumors that Reese wasn’t the kindest husband. And he sure seems like he has something to hide.


Now Kenny has a ticking clock and a promise to keep, and nothing’s going to stand in his way.



My View:

What a great page turning read – this book is full of surprises and reveals that shock. The premise of the book sounds worthy and interesting; the introduction to Kenny Drummond’s life is twinged with sadness and a few regrets and the unexpected recent diagnosis of impeding death by late stage cancer. Kenny’s world is in tumult. What do you do with just a few weeks to live? Kenny tries to make amends.


This starts out as a virtuous trip down memory lane and rapidly spirals in a bloodied and horrific gasp a minute rollercoaster ride of terror as Kenny’s cancer filled brain distorts his visual and psychological perspective of life – and death. He is determined to find and save his childhood friend reinventing himself as her “knight in shining armour”. But he is running out of time and drastic measures are called for. And drastic Kenny becomes.


What a visual treat this author has painted. The dash of horror is realistic and inspired. This is Stephen King’s Misery on steroids (and without the love). Your pulse pounds as you imagine yourself in this situation…merely observing this is enough to make you twitch with discomfort and turn away in shock. But you must keep reading! And the surprises continue….


Neil Cross is a brilliant writer – he paints realistic settings in a psychological thriller imbued with emotions and well fleshed out characters that is sure to disturb and surprise you.


3 thoughts on “Post Script: Captured – Neil Cross

  1. Sounds like an action-packed thriller, that’s for sure, Carol. I’ll have to put it on my list for one of those times when I really want to ‘jolt’ myself…

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