Mediterranean Piccalilli – Preserving – Emma Macdonald

It has been a very bust time in the kitchen this week. We have had an abundance of zucchini (courgette), eggplant (aubergine/brinjal) , capsicum (bell peppers) , onions and tomatoes- the problem being they all ripen at once so what do you do with the excess after you have given away and made pasta sauce and passata? You make pickle! And this turned out perfect – just like the pictures in the book Preserving and tasted so good ( it is meant to be left in the cupboard for a month before use but the little bit I had leftover was great on my ham sandwich today)

The before:


Mediterranean Piccalilli – Preserving: Emma Macdonald- the raw ingredients

And the after:


Mediterranean Piccalilli

6 thoughts on “Mediterranean Piccalilli – Preserving – Emma Macdonald

  1. Do you make jams? I have had a glut of white peaches from my ornamental peach tree that isn’t supposed to produce fruit! One can only give so much away, and eat so much. I fear next year I will have even more, so want to try making jams. Is there a book you could recommend Carol?

    • If I had the fruit I would make jam – have done in the past… our trees are young and need to be netted…next year for jam making. This book – by The Bay Tree/Simon & Schuster has a recipe for Tipsy Brandied Fruits ( peaches) that sounds yum..and other jam recipes.

  2. Oh, that all looks great, Carol! And there’s just something about fresh produce that really makes pickled all the better.

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