Getting Ready For A Garage Sale on Sunday

Is the concept of garage sales unique to Australia?  Sunday we are trying our luck at selling some unwanted ( but  mostly much loved items) – at the moment the items; books, cd’s dvd’s, clothes, dinner set… bike…camping style chairs…designer bags…are mostly in our hallway 🙂  The more I start to seriously think about the the more stuff I find 🙂  Once you start to part with treasures hoarded the easier it becomes ( plus I have done some online shopping and have new things to replace old/not so old in my cupboard – you know those impulse buys that you don’t like when you get home, the online shopping – clothes mostly – that don’t look/seem quite like what you thought or the size doesn’t work for you…)… the books you will never re read…the more I look the more I find.  looking forward to some space in my cupboards- replace, recycle, renew…


Today I had my first customer ( she is  working on Sunday so asked to come earlier). It was such a pleasant experience – I hope that is an indication of what is to come.





13 thoughts on “Getting Ready For A Garage Sale on Sunday

  1. I need to do one as well, but am having no takers for my stuff. That shows perhaps a) my stuff is so rubbish; b) people in Geneva area are so rich, they want to buy new. I just hate throwing things away, though!
    Good luck with your sale!

    • Thanks Marina Sofia – past experience tells me people want something for nothing….( to re sell) but fingers are crossed…dont look at what it cost you to buy…think about it just sitting in your cupboard – something for it is better than nothing. 🙂 Maybe… sometimes it is better to give away to a worthwhile cause the boxes of books I have already given to the Readers and Writers Festival..

  2. We have ‘car boot sales’ here – more like informal mini markets where loads of people get together in a car park or similar and sell direct from their cars. Good luck, but I bet you’ll be sorry to see some of those books go… 😉

  3. I had one years ago with a neighbour, I was amazed at what we sold, and Kate sold her knitting machine which had been advertised locally in the trading post for months with no interest! Yes, people do want to pay the least that they can, but then again, it’s better to get something and de clutter. I bet your books will go quickly! I even sold a box of knitting wool balls of all shades and plus, a lady wanted them for her elderly mum in a retirement village to crochet granny squares, that made me feel good. Let us know how you go and good luck 😊

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