Review – Tooth and Nail by Ian Rankin

Fiction Fan and more- you may appreciate Simon’s review 🙂

Simon McDonald

Tooth and NailThe third Rebus novel shifts proceedings from Edinburgh to London, with the irascible Detective Inspector commandeered by Scotland Yard to assist with the hunt for the serial killer stalking the streets. Not that Rebus is particularly versed in this form of policing; his only experience with such a killer featured in Knots & Crosses, which turned out to be more personal than professional, and even then, he spent much of the novel ignoring obvious clues. But it’s all about perspective, and his London brethren feel a he has something to add, and who is John Rebus to argue?

The Wolfman – so named because the first victim was found dumped in Wolf Street – is a vicious, cannibalistic killer, whose tendencies and proclivities have thus far defied explanation. When Rebus joins London copper George Flight’s team, it’s clear they has run a diligent and committed investigation without any tangible…

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