Post Script: How To Make A Friend – Fleur Smithwick

How To Make A Friend

How To Make A Friend

Fleur Smithwick

Random House UK, Transworld Publishers

Bantam Press

ISBN: 9780593073360



As a lonely child, Alice found comfort the same way so many others do – she invented a friend. Sam was always there when she needed him, until one day…he wasn’t.


Now, Alice’s life almost resembles something happy, normal. She has a handful of close friends and a career as a photographer. But when a tragic accident shatters the world Alice has constructed, the sense of isolation that haunted her in childhood returns. And with it, so does Sam.


To Alice, he looks and feels like a real person, but how can that be so? And who will decide when it’s time for him to leave again?



My View:

I enjoyed this evocative read; as I was reading I was never quite sure about Sam and whether he was real or imagined or was he possibly something “other.” I was never sure how reliable the narrator was…which left me with a considerable sense of unease that had me turning the pages until I was finished. Even after I switched off my ereader I still had that niggling feeling of evilness that had my senses alert. I would however have liked to have had that element (otherworld spooky) ramped up just a little bit so instead of just filling me with unease there was some genuine shock and horror to the narrative. I think this story missed its potential. Maybe this is the kind of book you are looking for when you want to read something different when there is no one else at home – it gives you that little tingle of misgiving without keeping you awake at night or giving you nightmares.





4 thoughts on “Post Script: How To Make A Friend – Fleur Smithwick

  1. It may not have gotten you to the point of shock, Carol, but I always respect an author who tries something new – who gives you something a bit different. And sometimes, the unreliable narrator can work very well.

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