Manjimup Famers Markets – Holiday in WA

Today we experienced the warmth and passion of the local producers and farmers selling their goods at the Majimup Farmers Markets. Such friendly stall holders; these are the people who grew or made the produce or collected the eggs…food with a genuine low food mile and so fresh!  For breakfast we had  toasted sour dough bread, free range eggs, freshly picked apples and pears (some new varieties to try) … for use in the week we have  freshly harvested potatoes,  fresh garlic grown within 8kms of the markets, LovingGift Organic dark chocolate and a jar of fermented vegetables…so much great produce, we couldn’t carry any more! During the week we are purchasing more apples and pears from the orchard to take home with us; fresh, crisp,delicious.


Post Script: Fairway To Heaven: Lily Malone

“Jack always said that bunker was ours. When we’d tee off the twelfth, he’d wink and say,’ Ready for the fairway to heaven, babe?’ Now it feels more like the highway to hell.”

Fairway to Heaven

Fairway to Heaven

Lily Malone

Escape Publishing

ISBN: 9780857992376



It’s going to take more than summer loving to heal old wounds, but a remote beach, old friendships and a bit of sunshine might just spark a second chance at love.

When Jennifer Gates drives to Sea Breeze Golf Club to kick off date-night with her boyfriend, the last thing she expects is to find Golf Pro Jack giving one of his lady students a private—and very personal—lesson in bunker-play.

Lucky for Jenn, her best friend gives her the keys to the Culhane family’s beach shack on the white-pepper shores of Western Australia’s Geographe Bay. Jenn hopes a weekend on the coast with her young son will give her the space she needs to rebuild her confidence after Jack’s betrayal.

But she’s not the only person seeking sanctuary by the sea. Brayden Culhane is there too, and Jenn can’t look at Brayden without remembering the tequila-flavoured kiss they shared on the shack steps years ago.

As long-buried feelings are rekindled, and a friendship is renewed, Jenn knows it is more than lazy summer days bringing her mojo back. Romantic sunsets, ice-cold beers and the odd round of golf can only go so far, because this time trusting Brayden with her heart won’t be enough. Jenn has to learn to trust her body, too.


My View:

I should start by stating that Romance in not a genre I usually favour but Lily Malone’s writing style is a bit like a good Australian Sauvignon Blanc – full bodied, fresh, crisp with hints of spice and a satisfying end note 🙂

To start with – I love the cover of this book – it is so reminiscent of many of the coastal holidays we have had with wooden stairways leading to spectacular beaches in the south west of Western Australia. The settings  in the book are beautiful and show case the coastal towns of the Geographe region superbly.


Lily Malone’s characters are warm, generous and supportive and soon feel like friends you have known for a long time. We quickly have a vested interested in the outcome of the protagonists’ journeys.


The dialogue is contemporary and youthful and flows easily – Lily makes writing look easy. And Lily shares a wonderful and realistic understanding of what it is to be a woman, to be a mother and be the parent of a toddler. “It’s taken the bottle of milk and a back patting marathon, but Seb is officially in bed for the night. The peace is so beautiful someone should paint it.” I think most parents can relate to this!


This is a warm and enjoyable novel yet manages to touch on many contemporary issues; the Fly In Fly Out Lifestyle, motherhood, parenting, and sexual health to name but a few. A very enjoyable read Ms Malone.


Did You Guess Where We Are?

We are staying in Manjimup- as the website, Manjimup Visitors Centre says so well  – “Manjimup is just 307 km from Perth, in the beautiful south west corner of Western Australia – a land of tall timbers, abundant fresh water, rich soils and undulating scenery.”

Can you guess where we had lunch today? Beautiful scenery on the drive to this spot and it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the sun shine and the meal ( and the cider wasn’t bad either) Bob enjoyed his share of the ham, roasted pumpkin and apple slices.


The Cidery - Bridgetown

The Cidery – Bridgetown


Post Script: Humber Boy B – Ruth Dugdall

Hummer Boy B

Humber Boy B

Ruth Dugdall

Legend Press  

ISBN: 9781910394601



A child is killed after falling from the Humber Bridge. Despite fleeing the scene, two young brothers are found guilty and sent to prison. Upon their release they are granted one privilege only, their anonymity. Probation officer Cate Austin is responsible for Humber Boy B’s reintegration into society. But the general public’s anger is steadily growing, and those around her are wondering if the secret of his identity is one he actually deserves to keep. Cate’s loyalty is challenged when she begins to discover the truth of the crime. She must ask herself if a child is capable of premeditated murder. Or is there a greater evil at play?


My View:

Ruth Dugdall writes novels that captive, prick at your conscience and demand that you think hard and look deep at the issues. Ruth Dugdall reminds us that issues are not simple, clear cut, black or white. She allows us to walk in someone else’s shoes for a short while and discover lives where options are often limited and many circumstances conspire and lead to a dire situation or a bad judgement and so it is always with great trepidation, apprehension and anticipation that I start a Ruth Dugdall book. I know that I am going to feel uncomfortable at some point, I know my conscience will be pricked and poked and that I will be reconsidering some past notions or judgements and for that I thank you Ruth, you are our social conscience, you write with sensitivity and intelligence and authenticity that comes from your first hand experiences as a Probation Officer.


I can’t wait to read the next in the Cate Austin series – Nowhere Girl.



Review – Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight

Review – Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight

This is on my list and has now been bumped up to read soonish, thanks Simon for a great review.

Simon McDonald

Where They Found HerGillian Flynn’s Gone Girl inspired a tidal wave of domestic thrillers. Recently, Paula Hawkin’s The Girl on the Train refined the formula. But Kimberly McCreight’s second novel obliterates the formula entirely and is its own beast. Where They Found Her is a tour-de-force of nerve-shredding tension, spiked with revelations that will leave readers aghast, and gasping.

The discovery of the body of an infant near Ridgedale’s prestigious university campus shakes the town’s citizens to their core, unearthing long-buried secrets, and scrubbing away the town’s pre-existing sheen.

Where They Found Her follows three women on very separate, but ultimately connected journeys. Molly Sanderson is a freelance reporter for The Ridgedale Reader and is still recovering from her the loss of her own baby. She’s hardly the editor’s first choice to cover the story, not only because of her past lost, but because she’s still very green – but circumstances mean Molly’s…

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