In The Mailbox This Week….Books, Books and Books.

I have been very fortunate this week to receive a few really interesting books for review  – have you read any of these? What a great mix of genres.  I am particular looking forward to trying out some new recipes (China Town Kitchen), I am loving reviewing cook books.  The Defence comes highly recommend (By the wonderfully entertaining reviewer Fiction Fan check out her blog if you haven’t already). The Michael Leunig will provide some great social commentary and the others – some favourite authors, some new to me authors…advanced press says all great and something to look forward to. “What’s in the brown packaging?” you ask? A surprise giveaway to be revealed next week ( and apologies in advance – prohibitive postal costs means this will be an Australia only giveaway) More soon!


11 thoughts on “In The Mailbox This Week….Books, Books and Books.

  1. You do have some good ‘uns there, Carol. And I like it that you have a variety. I have to sometimes remind myself to read outside the crime fiction genre.

  2. Ooh, glad you’ve got The Defence – hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the link and the lovely compliment! 😀 I have the Mark Billingham too – it’s years since I last read one of his books but I seem to remember enjoying them. I think he must just have fallen off my radar somehow.

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