Friday Freebie

Friday 8th of May Give Away!

Cover Image: Season of Shadow and Light - Jenn J McLeod, Simon & Schuster Aust

Today is Friday – the last day of the working week for most of us, and to celebrate this auspicious occasion I have teamed up with the lovely people at Simon & Schuster Australia who are offering one of my readers (of my blog or f/book page) the opportunity to win a copy of Jenn J McLeod’s latest release Season of Shadow and Light.  This will be a random draw and all you need to do is leave me a message in the comments section of the post and tell  me who your favourite female Aussie author is. This give away will  be open until midnight Monday the 11th of May and winner notified on Tuesday the 12th of May and is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

21 thoughts on “Friday Freebie

  1. Great giveaway Carol, my fav Aussie female author is Kate Morton, and she’s got a new book coming out in October, so I’m super excited 🙂

  2. I must say Lily Malone I am very impressed by you as a writer , though not the style of book I would usually read. Drawn in to your stories.

  3. My favourite Aussie female author, besides Jenn J McLeod of course, is Rachel Amphlett she writes great crime thrillers and they have the most amazing twists, especially “Look Closer.”

      • I think you will like them. “White Gold” is currently free on Amazon for Kindle so you can try it at no expense, although I think “before Nightfall” and “look closer” are her best yet.

  4. How do I pick just one?!! If I can only pick just one, I think I’d have to go with one I gave 5 stars to recently – Di Morrissey. However I haven’t read any others of hers, so I’m hoping the rest are as good!

    Thanks for the opportunity to winn one of Jenn J McLeod’s, Carol!

      • The one I read was The Opal Desert, Carol, and it was mostly contemporary, but with some reference to the past as an 80-year-old character remembers things as she talks to a younger woman. But it’s mostly about a friendship between 3 women in the present day.

  5. Kerry Greenwood, for her Corinna Chaman series, although there are so many excellent female Aussie authors, it’s hard to pick just one. Thanks for the giveaway, Carol!

  6. What great responses – and quite interesting given the following: Once you read Season of Shadow and Light you will see I pay homage (in my little way) to Kate Morton. (But as it turns out I am also paying homage to Nora Roberts! I had not idea at the time of writing my novel that she would have a book come out at the same time with THAT title. See Pg 259 in my book, I think!!) Also, after hearing Di Morrissey (years ago) say she packs up the motorhome and goes to a new town to write a new story, I had said at the time, “I want to do that.” And guess what? I am! 🙂 And Rachel Amphlett, well I’ll be dropping in and trying out her comfy couch when my van goes in for service. So, yes, I think these answers are great!

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