Post Script: Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen – Anjali Pathak

Mouth watering, easy recipes.

Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen

Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen

Anjali Pathak

Mitchell Beazley

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 97818475339333


Anjali Pathak’s first memories are of making chapatis with her grandmother who founded the family business, doing her homework on the kitchen table as her mother presented her with dish upon dish to test and her father’s favourite phrase – ‘can we get that into a jar?’

Now Anjali draws upon her family secrets in a beautiful collection of authentic Indian dishes and modern creations that are perfect for all cooks. Delve into heartfelt stories that bring Indian food to life, learn top tips for foolproof results, master classics and learn how a touch of spice can add a contemporary twist. Each of Anjali’s secrets will help you create Indian food at its best – loved by generation upon generation.

The recipes included vary from light snacks, such as the Bombay nuts, Spiced chicken wings and Stuffed paneer bites, to bigger bites like Chilli beef with black pepper, Vegetable biryani, or the classic Chicken tikka masala. Then, for dessert, who could resist the Baby apple tarte tatin with spiced caramel, Roast hazelnut & cardamom ice cream, or Decadent chocolate truffles?

My View:

What an exciting voice in Indian cooking! Last night I thought I would have a quick flick through my newly acquired cookbook – Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen, this book was so exciting and the recipes so tempting and fresh I sat and read through every page and have already booked marked a couple of the recipes I intend to try out this week.

This is a well-designed book which contains 120 recipes and includes some photographic history of Anjali Pathak’s family and of the Patak brand of Indian spices, condiments and flavour bases – haven’t we all enjoyed a Patak jar of curry base at some point in our cooking life? What a wonderful family business. Anjali Pathak shares her knowledge, family recipes and some of her contemporary creations in this book. The recipes are easy to follow, I have most of the ingredients in my pantry (I love making Indian food and eating it) and Anjali shares her tips/secrets so that making the recipes will be fun, simple and easy for everyone.

After reading this book my mouth was watering in anticipation of the meals I will be making this week! There are light meals, vegetarian recipes, salads, Indian BBQ recipes, main meals, dahl, parathas, chutneys and desserts; something for everyone! First on my list is Black Dahl and Tadka Dah – dahl is the comfort food of Indian cooking. I may try making some chutney this week too and the Scented Steamed Fish might be next! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!


NB This book was provided for review by the publisher.

6 thoughts on “Post Script: Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen – Anjali Pathak

  1. My mouth is already watering, Carol! You find the most delightful recipe books!! I’ll bet you’ll love using this one all the time.

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