In The Mailbox This Week 28th May 2015

Another great selection of books arrived in the mail this week – do any of these tempt you? I have just started to read the short story collection – Lost Boy and Other Stories- Margaret River Short Story Competition  2015 – keen to have idea of this book before I attend the launch of the festal where the winners of the short story competition will be announced. On  Saturday I will also attend   12.00-1.00 session where Award winning poet Nandi Chinna and the Margaret River Short Story Competition winners discuss whether there is a revival in the popularity of short prose – has a new season dawned for poetry and the short story? I am already thinking maybe poetry is having  a revival….what do you think?



12 thoughts on “In The Mailbox This Week 28th May 2015

  1. The last two novels I’ve written started life as a short story. one was Fairway, which you’ve read, and another is the non-romance book I finished a while ago. That had its genesis in the MR Short Story competition, and got long-listed but didn’t make the short list. So I’m very interested in short stories too. They’re fun to write and they don’t take the brain investment that novels do, I find.

  2. You have a very nice lot of books there, Carol! And what I like about them is the variety. So many different things there. I don’t blame you for wanting to read the short stories before the festival (sounds like a terrific event!).

  3. The only one of these on my list is the Saul Black. Have fun at the festival! I’m not sure whether poetry’s having a revival but I think short stories are – I seem to have read millions of collections recently in all genres.

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