13 thoughts on “Painting Your World…

  1. A great way to look at reviews. Like you I generally paint mine with delight. Those in not delighted in I hide away and make little to no comment on but it’s right that each readers makes their own perception of the book and that’s not necessarily what the author even wanted it to mean.

  2. A perfect quote! It always feels to me, as a compulsive reader, that book and reader (so i suppose, book and author) enter into a relationship, and we will all form our own relationships with what we read. I would say we always filter through our own ‘prejudice’ – sometimes that ‘prejudice’ mesh filter is the paint of delight!. We have partisan responses, always. And that is fine.

    I find myself increasingly interested in knowing the personal response of a reader (and why) as it gives me much more insight into whether I’ll want to try my own journey with the book – and if I have already made that journey, the other reader will almost invariably add to what my relationship was, with that book.

    • Agree – it is a perfect quote – and sums up my reviewing style perfectly too ( I think) A personal response…We are al such unique beings with unique experiences and filters…and some books will speak to us, some entertain, some enthral. And some…not so much … 🙂

  3. Great quote Carol, I think out of all your reviews, there has only been one that I disagreed with, which makes you a pretty good reviewer 🙂

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