In The Mail Today The 9th June 2015

The post box was over flowing today.  Looking forward to checking out these reads. Though I consider myself mostly a crime fiction aficionado I like to mix up my reads every now and then, I feel this adds a bit off freshness to my reading and reviewing, sometimes you can get stuck in a reviewing or reading rut – not much chance of that this week – what a great  mix of Australian police procedural, horror from the Master, vampire, health and contemporary books.  What to read first? Listen. Do you hear that?  A Time to Run by J M Peace is a calling softly to me 🙂

In the mail 9/6/015

12 thoughts on “In The Mail Today The 9th June 2015

    • Hi Tracey – I think I will read A time to Run tonight…I love discovering new Aussie Women Writers – especially crime fiction writers. I’ll let you know about the Stephen King – horror seems to be on the menu this week. Have you read it?

  1. I heard it calling you, too, Carol, even from here! You do have some nice books there, and I’m looking forward to reading what you think of them. And you’re right; sometimes it is good to mix things up every once in a while, and read something outside what you usually read.

  2. Gosh Carol, is this becoming a weekly event in your letterbox! Your shelves will start to look like mine soon. The Stephen King book is a follow up to Mr Mercedes, some have now got both books so to read them in order. My OCD kicks in regularly about reading in order! 😳😳

    • It is a semi regular even Janine 🙂 I have just started reading the JM Peace book -great police procedural+suspense – about 100 pages will finish tonight. The Stephen King …didn’t release there was an order here…hmm…

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