More Definitions Of Domestic Noir

I am pleased to see this sub genre is getting a bit of press recently.  Hachette Australia recently added this qualifier to their f/b site about the genre;

 ” ‘Domestic Noir takes place primarily in homes and workplaces, concerns itself largely (but not exclusively) with the female experience, is based around relationships and takes as its base a broadly feminist view that the domestic sphere is a challenging and sometimes dangerous prospect for its inhabitants’ – Julia Crouch.”

Maybe it is the feminist aspect that is calling to me? An interesting thought.

Domestic Noir Reads

Have you read any of these? So far What Came Before by Anna George remains one of my all time favourite reads.

10 thoughts on “More Definitions Of Domestic Noir

  1. I’m in the process of doing a display at work on this genre, when I told my manager she had ever heard of it. Having fun designing a poster for it. Will take a photo when it’s done!

  2. Oh, Carol, I see The Lost Girls in your pile there! I think that’s a fantastic book, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. As for domestic noir, it is interesting to see how it’s developing as a sub-genre.

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