Post Script: Six Degrees: The Power Of Attraction Connects Us All – Honey Brown

Clever, sensual and brilliantly written.

Cover Art  - Six Degrees

Six Degrees: The Power of Attraction Connects Us All

Honey Brown

Ventura Press

ISBN: 9781925183085



Strong female protagonists lead a cast of characters with lives we recognize and know, crossing paths in intimate, surprising and erotic ways. The ripple effect of one tragic event shapes each character’s experiences, but in the end it is their individual need for connection that truly binds them.

Six Degrees uses the allure, the action or the absence of physical connection to explore these everyday character’s flaws, quirks and strengths. For the first time, Honey has made sexual attraction the intriguing hero of each story.


My View:

I have been a fan of Honey Brown’s work since I discovered the amazing Through the Cracks, at which point I then sought out more of her work. Honey Brown is a master of the psychological drama and although this book veers as far away from her previous works as is possible that element of understanding the human psyche/the human condition is very evident in this collection of interconnected short stores.

What an amazing narrative – a thread that runs through all the stories and behind the scenes directs the action in all – but you have incorporated this element in such a natural way – it does not come across as contrived or complicated, each unit can be read as a standalone but more depth is added when all have been read- then you sit back and go…mmm…yeah…I see 🙂   The writing is brilliant –  the dialogue is not clumsy or awkward, the sex scenes are well written without appearing voyeuristic, grubby or crude and I love that in all storylines the female protagonists have power to control their engagement in any potential sexual activity – they are not weak willed, or taken advantage of, or bullied into behaviours they do not want to engaged in…they are in control.

This work is completely different to anything I have read, not erotica but erotic, and sensual, yes.  Rural Romance as some have declared this to be? No I don’t think so – the rural landscape is not a theme of the stories, that category doesn’t work for me. Perhaps the best way to describe this collection of writing is contemporary feminist literature?  That works for me. Honey Brown you are a risk taker – and I think that risk has paid off – you have written shining prose and a collection of short stories that ultimately come together in the final story to connect the individual parts to the bigger picture where ‘the power of attraction connects…all.’

What can we expect next from you Honey Brown?

11 thoughts on “Post Script: Six Degrees: The Power Of Attraction Connects Us All – Honey Brown

  1. This really does sound like an interesting departure for Brown, Carol. And yet, it’s her characteristic attention to the psychological. Glad you enjoyed this well. And I agree with you about Through the Cracks; it’s a great read.

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  3. Thanks again Carol for this exciting review and your support of my work. I’m always nervous to go into any detail about what I’m currently writing, for fear of talking the “heat” out of it. But I can say it’s a thriller, and…that I have always hankered to create a complex serial killer…

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