Post Script: The Kingdom Of The Strong Tony Cavanaugh

How Well Do You Really Know Someone?

Cover Kingdom Of the Strong

Kingdom of the Strong

Tony Cavanaugh

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 9780733632952



Acclaimed crime writer Tony Cavanaugh is back with a gripping new novel featuring Australia’s answer to Michael Connelly’s Hieronymus Bosch – Darian Richards.

Darian Richards is an ex-cop, a good one. He did whatever it took to solve a crime and stop the bad guy. Whatever it took! But after sixteen years as the head of Victoria’s Homicide Squad, he’d had enough of promising victims’ families he’d find the answers they needed. He had to walk away to save his sanity.

Now Police Commissioner Copeland Walsh has tracked Darian down. He needs him to help clear an old case. The death of Isobel Vine. The coroner gave an open finding. An open finding that never cleared the cloud of doubt that hovered over four young cops who were present the night Isobel died.

Twenty-five years later, one of those young cops is next in line to become police commissioner, so Copeland Walsh needs the case closed once and for all. In his mind there is only one man for the job. One man who would be completely independent. One man who has never bowed to political or police pressure. One man who knows how to get the job done – Darian Richards.

Darian is going back to stir a hornet’s nest. But once Darian is on a case he won’t back off tracking down evil, no matter who he has to take down.


My View:

This novel explores the dark culture and practice of policing in Australia’s recent past (well at least I hope it is in the past) but police are human and they will always be someone whose code of personal behaviour does not meet the high expectations of this office or feels that they are beyond the reach of the law.  Corruption, sexism, bribery, drugs syndicates, prostitution, personal politics and backhanders – the stuff great crime novels are made of all appear in some shape or form in this intriguing novel. On a universal level this book poses the question, “How well do you know someone/ anyone?”

This novel provided insight into the workings of the policing culture and provided some history of Darian’s time in the force before his move to Queensland. The Queensland and Melbourne landscape provided a great back drop to the dramas that occurred on the page. A few clever twists and turns and a villain that remained cleverly disguised till the very end of the narrative provided real intrigue.

A great read as expected from this author – I cannot wait to see what happens in the next chapter of Darian’s life.

2 thoughts on “Post Script: The Kingdom Of The Strong Tony Cavanaugh

  1. Sounds like an interesting – if a bit disturbing – look at police departments, Carol. I’m glad you thought the story was a good one.

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