Post Script: Risk – Fleur Ferris

Sensational! This is a book that all families should share with their teenage children.

Cover - Risk


Fleur Ferris

Narrated By – Marny Kennedy

Duration – 6hrs 42 mins

Unabridged Audio Book

Audible Australia (available here)



Best friends Taylor and Sierra meet a hot guy in a chat room online. Both fall for Jacob’s charms, but as usual, the more outgoing and vivacious Sierra overshadows Taylor and wins his attention.

Taylor’s devastated – Sierra already kissed Callum, Taylor’s secret crush, over the summer holidays. Life’s not fair, especially when Sierra’s around.

Moving quickly, Sierra sets up a date with Jacob on Friday after school. She asks Taylor and their friends to cover for her. Even though she’s upset, Taylor is still Sierra’s best friend and agrees to help.

But Sierra abuses the favour and calls to say she’s going to spend the night with her date. She doesn’t come home all weekend, doesn’t answer her phone and nobody’s heard from her. Taylor is torn. She doesn’t want to betray Sierra by telling her parents but at the same time she’s concerned for her welfare.

Finally, Callum convinces her to tell. The police are called and their worst fears are confirmed when Sierra’s body is found miles from Melbourne a week later. Devastated, Taylor becomes obsessed with finding Sierra’s killer. As clues emerge, Taylor races against time to try to save the predator’s next victim.


My View:

Sensational! This is a book that all families should share with their teenage children.


This book is so good if…if I had the money I would buy the films right to this book and make a feature film! Listening to this book I had a film playing on the big screen in my head. J

The settings – wonderfully urban Australian (but this book translates so well to any city or town) , the accents, the dialogue – perfect, accessible and real. The characterisations – so credible you would think the author is writing about her own experience or that of her own family. The narrative – tense and adrenaline raising.

I honestly believe this book has the potential to positively influence the decisions young people may make whilst simultaneously educating the adults around them. Cyber predators are a real threat – listen closely to this story, the message is clear without being condescending. The narrative is powerful, the moral dilemmas are real and contemporary, and the complicated dynamics of relationships are exposed. A great read!

9 thoughts on “Post Script: Risk – Fleur Ferris

  1. Oh, this sounds like a compelling story that shares an important message without being ‘preachy.’ The online world is certainly a risky one, and I think there are plenty of teens who just aren’t aware of that. Or, they are, but they’re still vulnerable because, well, they’re teens. Thanks for sharing this, Carol.

    • Margot you have summed the vulnerability of teenagers up perfectly…and thinking a little more this sort of knowledge can also be useful for any vulnerable individual regardless of age who uses the web- manipulators are all around us ( be a good theme for a
      book do you think Margot?)

  2. Just finished it Carol! Wow what a book, I agree would make a great YA film, it blew me away. Loved the lead character, her tenacity and follow through re the website was fantastic. Take a lotto ticket Carol nod turn this into a film!!! 5 stars from me 😊

    • It was a great audio book – a lotto win would be perfect – as I read this I was costing scenes in my head…great for film – few locations, lots of internal shots of houses/ urban Sydney/Melb would work, not too many main characters etc. etc. 🙂

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