Post Script: Only To Die Again – Patrick Lee

Fantastic premise that is well executed and a narrative packed with action!

Cover Only To Die Again

Only to Die Again

Patrick Lee

Michael Joseph

Penguin Australia

ISBN: 9781405915038




A Desperate Plea for Help


The middle of the night. Sam Dryden takes a call from an old friend from his days in the military. She needs his help. Urgently. There’s no further explanation.


A Race Against Time


Two hours later, Dryden and his former teammate smash their way into a remote desert shack. Inside they discover four young girls, caged and threatened with death by their abductor. Dryden acts.


An Impossible Secret


But how had Dryden’s friend known what was about to unfold? Why is it so important that they flee the scene before the police arrive? The extraordinary truth is hard to comprehend. But the consequences are only too easy to grasp. Dryden now faces a ruthless enemy that is determined to contain and control knowledge of a world-changing discovery. And who will always be one step ahead . . .




My View:



What an amazing read! Clever, complex, full of great characters, moral dilemmas and action, actION, ACTION!

To put it simply I was blown away by this narrative. This book had a brilliant introductory hook that didn’t let go!

This book left me speechless! What an incredible writer. I think I now need to read the first book in the Dryden series Runner – which is now being made into a feature film (and it does not detract from your reading pleasure if you haven’t already caught up with the first book as Only to Die Again can easily be read as a standalone), then I would like to read Patrick Lee’s other books; The Breach (also currently in production as a feature film), Ghost Country and Deep Sky. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this author before – he makes words leap off the page!




8 thoughts on “Post Script: Only To Die Again – Patrick Lee

  1. It certainly sounds like a very intriguing premise, Carol! I can see how that might lead to so many different things… Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I’ve been trying to fit Patrick Lee’s books in somewhere. I suppose that I will have to try harder. Maybe I should start with Runner. I guess I’ll put them both in my tbr.

  3. I just finished Lee’s #2 Sam Dryden book titled ‘Signal’ here in the U.S. of A. It appears to be the same book. Great read! When I can find the 1st three of his books I am going to expect the same quality of writing. I have been waiting for Lee Child to bring out some more Reacher books but he is mighty slow. I found Patrick Lee to take over where Child left off (or probably wanted to go)..

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